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Our Senior Staff

Meet the experienced and skilled team that brings dynamic improvement to financial institutions across the nation.


Todd Taylor


Todd is the Founder and President of Taylor Advisors, a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder. Todd has spoken at numerous state and national conferences on balance sheet management, bank investments, and risk management, including the AICPA National Conference on Banking and Credit Unions in Washington, D.C. He has written several articles for banking magazines and Sheshunoff publications on capital, liquidity, investments and more.

Sasha Antskaitis


Sasha serves as the Managing Partner of Taylor Advisors, and he started his career as an asset/liability analyst and a junior portfolio manager for MidAmerica Bancorp and Bank of Louisville. He has formerly been in charge of investment portfolio management and interest rate risk modeling for the firm’s bank clients for MAB Investment Group. Sasha is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and received his BSBA in Finance at the University of Louisville.

Omar Hinojosa


As Senior Consultant at Taylor Advisors, Omar works with institutions across the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions. He began his banking career as an investment officer for Lone Star National Bank and later became the treasury officer for Town North Bank and an Advisory Board Director for the Lone Star New Markets Fund, L.P. Omar has been a speaker at various financial institution programs. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a member of the Louisville CFA society.

A Word From Our Clients

First Savings Bank 

“We were a small bank with a small amount of investments and a large amount of cash on our balance sheet. Taylor Advisors helped us deploy our excess cash in investments, increase our net interest margin, and balance interest rate risk of our portfolio over a longer duration. As a result, we had a more balanced asset liability structure and we’ve increased earnings substantially.

When we decided to go public, we raised cash capital and Taylor Advisors helped us establish a subsidiary focused on investment strategy in order to deploy those proceeds and capital in an appropriate way. In addition to that, subsequent to our IPO, we acquired another bank and they helped us do due diligence on that acquired investment portfolio, price the portfolio, and reposition that portfolio after the close to meet our investment strategies.” Tony 

Heritage Bank

“I was working for the bank as commercial lender and was promoted to President of the bank. I didn’t know much about bond trading at the time, so I went to a talk about bond trading. Todd Taylor was speaking at the seminar and said, ‘Most banks promote their commercial lender to run their bank, but commercial lenders don’t know about bond trading.’ And I thought that at any moment, a spotlight was going to shine on my face. So I went up to him after and said, ‘I’m your poster child.’

I asked Todd Taylor to help us with our investments and teach us more about our own portfolio so we could have better earnings out of our portfolio and better diversification out of the portfolio as well – and he’s achieved all that and more. We’ve set up a subsidiary of the bank to allow us to do investments in instruments that weren’t really open to us before; that was something we’d never looked at or approached in the past. He’s also helped us with our ALCO packages reporting that we provide to our Board of Directors on the investment portfolio and all the measurements we have in the portfolio and liquidity measurement. The reporting package Taylor Advisors provides to us is essential in our board reporting. Our bank, when we compare ourselves to peer groups, has better earnings, shorter duration in our portfolio and less market risk. We’re very pleased with that. I want to add that in addition to Todd, the team of people at Taylor Advisors are all individually incredibly impressive. They are the smartest. I don’t know where he finds them all, but as a whole, I think they are a tremendous team to help a bank of any size accomplish what they need to accomplish with their balance sheet management.” -Lytle 

First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Greensburg

“We started working with Taylor Advisors approximately three years ago. We had never worked with an advisor such as Taylor Advisors. Our external audit firm recommended them to us; it was in reaction to not having an ALCO, and criticism from our federal government regulator, the OCC.

Federal regulators during the last three years seem to be very focused on smaller institutions, such as ours, having professional advisor help. The federal regulators had given us criticism in eleven different areas. We had tried to work with other advisors and we were not able to satisfy the regulatory requirements. Once we switched to Taylor Advisors, we seemed to fair very well with the federal regulators.

Taylor Advisors is not only well respected and thought of very positively by our audit firm, they also have that same level of respect with the federal regulators. Once we started working with Taylor Advisors, we quickly got approval from our regulator in regards to having the requirements for having an ALCO that knows how to satisfy their requirements. Taylor Advisors helped provide us with the capital plan up to the OCC satisfaction.

So, absolutely, yes, I would recommend Taylor Advisors to other institutions. We have found them to not only be professional and well respected, but we’ve found them at the human level to be very patient and easy to work with.” -James 

Civista Bank

“I spent twenty years in public accounting. I met Todd 25 years ago; we had mutual clients. He did replace the incumbent when I came to Civista. I worked with the other advisor for about a year before I introduced Todd to the bank. There’s no comparison. I think a lot of other advisors – I saw how they operated – were selling securities instead of executing trades. What appealed to me about Taylor Advisors is that they don’t make any commission on selling any idea to their clients. Now, I don’t have to take a call from any brokers. I tell people I work with

Taylor Advisors and I tell them what I want, and through their network of brokers they know how to get the best execution for their clients, so there’s no conflict there. I’ve seen other so-called advisors sell the exact same security on the same day for three different prices, essentially trying to get more out of their client. With the way Taylor Advisors has modeled their firm, you don’t have to worry about that with them.

It’s more than just the portfolio, we’ve got a peer group of about twenty-five other banks our size that we compare ourselves to in the Midwest. When I came to the bank, and before we worked with Taylor Advisors, our investment portfolio’s yield was among if not the worst in that peer group. Fast forward ten years, and we are among if not the highest yielding investment portfolios with one of the shortest durations. I would say the quality of our portfolio is better in terms of credit quality and duration than what we had ten years ago. If you look at our unrealized gains, it’s an indicator that our portfolio is of higher quality. I point that out to the board and our investors.

And over time, certainly our relationship with Taylor Advisors has evolved – they go above and beyond. The value exceeds anything that we pay them. We checked the boxes – they give us investment ideas and the best execution. But the real value is the counsel they provide. Our treasurer was good before we engaged Taylor Advisors, but now our Treasurer is more intelligent about opportunities we may have. Banks are awash with information – but what do we do with that information? And what Taylor Advisors does for us, is they help us understand the information and give us ideas and strategies based on that information. It’s more than just investment advice and balance sheet management – we leverage that relationship to get ideas on how better to run the bank. It’s grown from buying and selling securities to really helping us manage the bank.

We leverage them on all kinds of things – it’s one of the most valuable relationships Civista has with a professional service provider, there’s no doubt in my mind.” -Richard 

Hancock Bank & Trust Company

“I came here in 2013 and we were in trouble. I had made a career out of turning problem banks around, and they’ve all had liquidity issues. When I came to this bank, they had just recently brought on Taylor Advisors. Because of that, I had a working relationship with Omar, and it’s been exceptional. He is the best liquidity advisor I’ve ever worked with — and I’ve worked with about nine different banks. He has the practical on-the-job experience and the real-world knowledge he gained before he came into the advisory role. Just real good, practical stuff. I use Taylor Advisors for their liquidity skills, and I would especially recommend them to other financial institutions for their liquidity knowledge and skills.” -Danny

Union Savings Bank

“Taylor Advisors has been great. We work with Omar and Sasha quite a bit, and they are very sharp individuals. They’re very technical, and they have a high level of expertise in terms of investments, industry risk, etc.

It’s easy to get into the weeds with ALCO and interest-earning assets, and Taylor Advisors does a really good job of understanding a lot of the complex financial aspects and therefore allowing us to keep it simple. We’re a community bank and everyone wears a lot of different hats, and being able to dig into ALCO and interpret the results can take a lot of time. Having experts that can distill it for you and help you understand it and reconfigure your balance sheet makes it easier on us and is very useful; for that reason, I would definitely recommend them to other financial institutions.”  -Mark