Our service is quite simple: we help executives just like you improve profitability while monitoring and managing risks – a service we call Balance Sheet Management (BSM). The value we bring our clients is providing education, documentation, and – most importantly – advice with strategies in many areas such as: asset/liability, investment, liquidity/funding, capital, and risk management.

Our clients, who may lack time, resources, and/or expertise, have been happy with the solutions we develop in our areas to address the complex issues of balance sheet management. Our collective balance sheet knowledge acquired through multiple engagements has enabled us to deliver our service to institutions like yours, mindful of strategies and ideas we implement for other clients. Our intent is to bring accountability, focus, planning, and follow-through to the process.

Examiners and accountants have found our approach & analytics helpful in teaching executives about the risks & opportunities in the balance sheet and investment portfolio, including profitability improvement and net interest margin management.

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