When you work with Taylor Advisors for Investment Advisory Consulting, you’ll get a host of services and deliverables that help lead to a successful outcome. Our Investment Advisory Consulting service includes:

Holistic Investment Management

We embrace the philosophy of investment management from a whole-financial institution perspective. It is essential to have intimate knowledge of the balance sheet as it relates to things like capital, liquidity, and interest risk profile in order to develop effective institution-specific investment strategies. With over 100 balance sheet management consulting clients, we have tremendous expertise in these areas.

Trade Execution Cost Analysis

With decades of institutional portfolio management experience and over $3 billion in AUM, we have developed valuable relationships in the industry which allows us to achieve superior trade execution for our clients

Profitability Maximization

We treat the investment portfolio as a meaningful component of the institution’s overall profitability. Sector allocation, asset selection, and relative value analysis are critical in achieving your desired risk/reward profile and improved returns. We are experts in all permissible investment types and feel strongly that investment portfolios that have strategic allocations to various asset classes based on relative value tend to outperform.


We pride ourselves in spending extra time educating our clients about these sectors, how they fit in investment portfolio, which ultimately contributes to increased client investment sophistication and improved portfolio performance.