Taylored Path

We’re Taylor Advisors, and we’re the agents who bring about change to financial institutions just like yours.

The Taylored Path is...

Discovering Challenges

During an initial meeting we listen to your unique story and assess your goals and challenges. We investigate lower NIM, ROA, ROE, and portfolio yields. We explore what’s causing an ineffective ALCO or investment process. We learn about regulatory challenges. Then, we formulate a plan.

Formulating a plan

We design a road map through various terrain that helps you navigate challenges and achieve your goals and objectives. Once we’ve created your plan, it’s time to put it in action.

Executing the Plan

We facilitate frequent communication and are consistently available consulting to ensure accountability to strategies ranging from regulatory to profit improvement. The outcomes of this plan are then carefully analyzed.

Reviewing the Outcomes

Outperformance is measured by internal benchmarks and validated by external sources.

Change is good. Change that improves profitability and sustains growth is great.

We’re Taylor Advisors, and we’re the agents who bring about change to financial institutions just like yours.

Doing things differently isn’t always easy, and we understand. We’ve helped dozens of clients navigate financial challenges and increase profitability. With a unique, holistic view of how financial institutions function and which methods lead to long-term success, we develop smart and diversified strategies finely tuned to every bank or credit union we partner with. We help avoid mistakes and produce clean reports that make our clients’ lives easier. We analyze investments to help build portfolios that perform better and save our clients’ time by removing the smoke and mirrors of the brokerage process. Along the way, we educate our clients, ensuring they have complete control and understanding, and empowering them to be active in their institution’s continued success.

We are experts in our industry, and our knowledge is enhanced by an ability to dig into the details without losing sight of the big picture. We don’t take uncalculated risks. We’ve invested in the right tools to analyze, understand, and create smart solutions. We know what needs to be done, and we do it. Then we take it a step further. With a focus on quality metrics and informed decisions, we educate clients for sustained prosperity.

Our firm is independent, objective, and transparent. These characteristics are critical to our role as investment advisors because they help our clients achieve best trade execution, product suitability, and most importantly, transparency. And because we have no broker/dealer affiliations, we always act in the best interest of our clients.