Municipal Investment Advisory

The Bank:

Forcht Bank (Lexington, KY) engaged Taylor Advisors to be its investment advisor in the 3rd quarter of 2007.

The Challenge:

Forcht Bank’s investment yield was below peer and ranked in the 30th percentile per UBPR.

The Solution:

In the initial meeting, Taylor Advisors and the bank discussed the Investment Committee structure, reviewed highlights of a new proposed Investment Policy and strategy, and examined options for security execution.

Benefits of the Strategy

  • Takes Advantage of the Relative Value Added of owning General Market Municipals over Bank Qualified Municipals
  • Provides a vehicle to efficiently own General Market Municipals
  • Maximizes Liquidity and Earnings characteristics of owning General Market Municipals

Taylor Advisors Expertise in the Municipal Market

  • Third Party SEC Registered Investment Advisor who fulfills several business purpose requirements for the strategy
  • Dedicated Staff that covers the market
  • Dedicated Staff to independently Grade and Monitor Issuer Credit
  • Purchasing Power and Strong Relationships with Municipal Underwriters to Negotiate favorable terms on behalf of our clients

The Outcome:

The bank increased its allocation to the municipal bond sector maintaining excellent credit quality and achieving superior returns. The bank owned these securities in a tax-efficient structure.

For details on the performance of Taylor Advisors’ investment advisory clients, please contact us at at or 502-412-2205.