Crisis Management

The Bank:

Hancock Bank & Trust Company (Hawesville, KY) received a public consent order from the FDIC and Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions in August 2013.

The Challenge:

The bank had 120 days to bring its Tier 1 Capital above 9% and its Total Risk-Based Capital Ratio above 13%, subject to certain restrictions regarding raising capital. In addition, the bank was entering a liquidity crisis where its correspondent banking relationships either significantly reduced or eliminated capacity to borrow. Legacy high cost of funds, a detriment to earnings, began to leave the tha bank in search of higher rates at competing banks.

The Solution:

Taylor Advisors worked quickly and diligently with the bank to address all the deficiencies mentioned in the consent order. This included creating a profit plan, a liquidity and contingency funding plan, and a strategic plan to address pricing policies, goals for asset growth and capital adequacy, forecasts to maintain a sound liquidity position. In addition to plan formation, Taylor Advisors was instrumental in executing the plans to manage through the liquidity and capital crisis.

The Outcome:

The consent order was terminated by the FDIC in January 2015.


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